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Helping others live cleaner is who we are

Berry Swift Cleaning

Our communities and society as a whole are evolving daily. We believe that if you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your life, Berry Swift Cleaning can provide you that experience. If you enjoy the thought of spending absolutely every minute of your day doing only the things you wanted like spending time with family, cooking your favorite meals or simply having the free time to focus on whatever you feel is important, Berry Swift Cleaning can help you achieve that. It is our promise to our customers that we will help you find the free time you deserve while we take one less task from your plate with quality house cleaning service. 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Made Simple.

Jazzmine Berry, Co-founder

Hi my name is Jazzmine Berry and I am the Co-founder of Berry Swift Cleaning. My husband and I started Berry Swift Cleaning with the idea that we wanted to connect with our local community here in Houston and help others lead cleaner yet healthier lives while also gaining back their free-time with one less responsibility of cleaning. By way of Kentucky, both Kenyon and I are University of Kentucky Alumni. With myself having a previous career in Pharmaceutical Sales and Kenyon being from the world of Commercial Real Estate helping others and providing for our local community is the core of who we are. Berry Swift Cleaning was birthed with the one commitment to serve our customers, our team and our community in Houston through sustainable, healthy eco-friendly cleaning. 

Kenyon Berry, Co-founder

The idea that you must use harsh toxic chemical cleaners to get the perfect clean for your home is just simply not true. The difference in Berry Swift Cleaning and other local Houston maid services is that we believe your free-time and doing the things you enjoy most while we clean is simply a prerequisite to your house cleaning experience with us. The true value in choosing to book now is being able to have the peace of mind after your house cleaning knowing that not only were 100% all-natural low-impact house cleaning products used to clean your home but some of the industries best trained Cleaning Professionals used the Swift Way process to do it. What is the Swift Way, you ask? The Swift Way is a proven cleaning process each of our Cleaning Professionals are trained and use to clean and sanitize your home. Because it is our promise to use only the safest cleaning products and provide our staff with industry-leading processes, this allows us to continuously train our staff on best practices to keep our customers happy which in turn keeps our team happier!

Our Mission

We help others live cleaner, healthier and simplified lives

Core Values

Berry Swift Cleaning Is A Proud Partner

Cleaning For A Reason

Berry Swift Cleaning is a proud member of Cleaning For A Reason. Since 2006, Cleaning For A Reason is the nation’s largest non-profit whose mission is to provide free house cleaning services to cancer patients undergoing treatment. Having the privilege to help those in our community who are battling cancer is what we are all about.

Berry Swift Cleaning is among the select few Cleaning For A Reason partners with only 1200 professional maid services nationwide who are qualified to donate free house cleaning service to any household battling cancer.