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Helping others live cleaner is who we are

Berry Swift Cleaning

Our communities are evolving daily. We live in a time where you have the ability to delegate everything around you so that you can spend your time doing only the things that are most important to you! Whether it’s getting a ride, ordering food or in this case maintaining a clean home, Berry Swift Cleaning can provide you that experience. If you enjoy the idea of spending absolutely every minute of your day doing only the things you wanted like spending time with family, cooking your favorite meals or simply having the free time to focus on whatever you feel is important, Berry Swift Cleaning can help you achieve that. It is our promise to our clients that we will help you find the free time you deserve while we take on the task of your house cleaning.

Meet The Trusted Team Behind
Berry Swift Cleaning

Jazzmine and Kenyon Berry started Berry Swift Cleaning with the idea that they wanted to help others lead cleaner yet healthier lives while also gaining back their free-time with one less responsibility of cleaning. Berry Swift Cleaning has been family owned and operated since January 2021. After transitioning from Kentucky in years prior, they quickly grew roots in Houston and now call it home. In 2020, in the midst of an unprecedented world health crisis, they began to think about and question the world their children would one day inherit. As a result, they became growingly passionate about sustainability and what truly clean living looks like in all facets of life. This was and still is the foundation of Berry Swift Cleaning and our affiliate brands. 

We aim to be the source of sustainable living practices for not only our family and community but the world as a whole. This is what drives our decision making and commitment to providing a work environment our team can be proud of and a service our clients can trust. We believe that protecting the health of those you care about the most both inside and outside of your home is an important responsibility we all share and healthier practices are one of the many ways that Berry Swift Cleaning is able to achieve that. It’s our promise to do our part by providing a team of Cleaning Professionals that you can trust, using products you can also trust. Let us focus on the cleaning while you gain extra time to focus on the things that are most important to you and your family.

Our Mission

We change lives and improve the environment through trusted sustainable cleaning

Core Values

Berry Swift Cleaning Is A Proud Partner

Cleaning For A Reason

Berry Swift Cleaning is a proud member of Cleaning For A Reason. Since 2006, Cleaning For A Reason is the nation’s largest non-profit whose mission is to provide free house cleaning services to cancer patients undergoing treatment. Having the privilege to help those in our community who are battling cancer is what we are all about.

Berry Swift Cleaning is among the select few Cleaning For A Reason partners with only 1200 professional maid services nationwide who are qualified to donate free house cleaning service to any household battling cancer.